Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween! - A trip down memory lane...

My KM banned me from trick or treating.  Instead, I had to create and post a sign outside our door stating "Halloween is the Devil's Holiday and Jesus loves you Sinners!", or something like that. If I was feeling alright I'd add a cross or a bearded dude on a cloud with a harp to give it extra pizazz.  Basically, in my house, it was either the Lord or Hershey's.  The Lord always won.  Every October 31st I would sit in my house with the lights turned off to deter any persistent trick-or-treaters from doing the whole 'I know you're in there, I can hear you breathing!!' thing.  Oh yeah.  We were neighborhood favorites.  Needless to say, on November 1st the KB(Korean Brother) and I had early morning de-teepee-ing duty.  I remember once I actually had to get on my hands and knees to scrub ketchup and mustard off our concrete driveway.  I'm pretty sure the stains are still there.  One year, after much begging on my part and prayer on hers, the KM relented and even made me a costume.  There was a catch.  I had to share the costume with my KB and KC (Korean Cousin).  We each took turns going trick or treating.  I went first, the KB went last.  By the time it was his turn the neighbors were wondering why the same Asian kid kept coming around for more candy and stiffed him real good.  Traumatized KB made it a point to never share a costume with anyone ever again. 

I look so happy here...I was.