Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas

At first glance, your average KM heading out to freshen up her perm, or making a Costco run for that last minute economy pack of socks, or giving stank eye to some unfortunate soul...but then you take a closer look.

Yes. That's Laminated Postcard Jesus #44. The reason for the season. Your Welcome.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

bwahahahahaha x infinity

Anonymous said...

You're like the cutest thing ever, and this blog is one of the funniest things I've read in a long, long time. Love to our korean moms!

Essholes said...

That's freaking hilarious.

Hannie said...

This blog is hilarious and so true!
Here are some suggestions for more stuff Korean moms like!! They like to ignore expiration dates on food products (or food safety in leaving a pot of soup out at room temperature and then serving it the next day) and they prefer air drying laundry over using the dryer!!

Anonymous said...

are you by any chance a psych grad student?

T.S said...

please post more often.... this blog is just far too hilarious to only have 1 post every few months! awesome! :D

T.S said...

please post more often.... this site is just far too hilarious to only have 1 post every few months! awesome job!!

Anonymous said...

please come back and post more!

Anonymous said...

My husband told his Korean mother that she could live with us, after she had spent all of her money on fancy clothes, designer purses, furs, and gambling.I, a blond woman, took her in out of mercy. Two of my children had to give up their bedroom for her. We had to take out loans for $12,000 to pay for her bills. Despite this, KMIL acted like the following:
1) The first thing she told me was "I hate you."
2) She walked around our house wearing a fur calling my things "cheap crap."
3)She refused to visit her dying friend in the hospital saying, "I no go. I take nap."
4) She refused to go to a single one of my daughter's soccer games saying, "I no go. I seen soccer before." However, she was always going gambling.
5) She called my cooking, "crap."
6) She was nice to my husband, but as soon as he left, she started hissing and swearing, calling me "b****" in front of my children.
7) She drank lots of water right before bed and then got up 4-5 times per night clunking doors loudly each time she went potty. I asked her to stop drinking water before bed and told her that she was keeping me up all night. She refused. I was sleep deprived for months.
7)She tried to force me to do needless things for her. Ex: I was painting on a ladder and she wanted me to get down to recycle a box for her. She refused to do it herself.
8) She refused to be ready on time, making us wait was making one kid late for school.
9) She screamed at me for offering to take her to Target so she could buy her own things she wanted, calling me "bossy." But when she didn't get what she wanted, she'd ask us to get it..If we bought the wrong thing, she'd refuse it grumpily,but refuse to go to the store to get it herself.
10) She told my husband that she was "scared" to use our lotions. she told me our lotions were "cheap crap."
11)She threatened to kill herself several times.
12)She never said "thank you" to me a single time.
13) She threatened to starve herself.
14) She criticized me so much that I cried daily.
15) My husband and I fought about her daily.
16) Once she tried to physically force me to hit her, screaming "Abuse me! Abuse me!"
17) She lied several times a day.
18) She told me I was "stupid" in my profession.
19)When I told her, "If you don't like living here, live somewhere else." She replied, "My son let me live here FOREVER!!! HA! HA! HA!HA! HA!" That is when I decided that I would leave my home if she would not leave.
20) The last straw was when MIL told me to take the Christmas present my daughter gave to her to the thrift store.
She always said, "I no say sorry. Never!" Well, we moved her into her own apartment now, because the kids and I just couldn't take it anymore. Please, tell me that all older Korean mother in laws aren't so awful. I know the young Korean moms are not. Blondie

LAX Car Service said...

If you wouldn't have pointed it out, I would have never noticed it. That's TOO funny. I'm fairly certain most buses has someone with either a prayer card or Bible at ALL times.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- sorry for your mother in law nightmare! I have to testify, that my mom (although she didn't have a son) absolutely loves my husband. She moved here in the early 70s with my dad (American) and perhaps that may be the difference, but she is overly-generous (Koreans do all things over the top) and will do anything for our daughter. She is past 60 and still tears through the house cleaning it, during my daughter's nap times, even though I insist she cool it and watch Ellen. Your mother in law just sounds horrible.. and not just because she is Korean. I think her upbringing had a lot to do with it. I'm glad she's out of the house!

Angela said...

Hilarious. It's either your mom is completely involved with the church or not at all. My mom is of the not-at-all variety, but she still busts out "Jesus would say.." when she needs to. My mom also did the perm (shaking my head). She had such lovely hair too!

Underground Dude said...

To the mother in-law nightmare. This just sounds more like an awful person or mother-in-law problem, NOT a Korean problem.

Would like to see more humorous observations on Korean Moms. It's been four months now. More Korean Mom posts please :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chiyo,

just like you, I had a korean mom. She was exactly like how u portrayed the typical KM. Fan directly at u = death. Collecting plastic bags. Giving the STANK eye.

We enjoyed reading your blog together because you are so hilarious and whatever you wrote was so accurate.

My KM passed away a month ago and I miss her so much. No matter how demanding/unreasonable our KM can be, they did it out of love for us and the family. She battled the cancer like a KM for 4 years, and I bet even cancer was afraid of her, that sneaky lil ******.

Anyway, I hope you will continue updating your blog, I'm such a loyal reader. Cuz it reminds me of my KM so much!
love you

T. Roger Thomas said...

I think you can get back stage with one of these.

Now following!

Jean said...

Where have you gone?! Write more please!!

Julia said...

You have quite a great collection of interesting posts. Please keep up the good work!