Thursday, April 29, 2010


The last post was taken down at the request of one of the individuals in the photograph.  In the future, all photos sent to this site with recognizable individuals must have the permission of said individual/s before they are sent to me.

Thank you,


ngf said...

aww..i guess you need to blur out faces to protect the innocent...that's the problem with the internet age...childhood trauma is not just for the enjoyment/scrutiny of family and friends, it's for everyone...

i'm happy i've blocked out most of my childhood...don't need parents blogging "look at what my goofy kid just did" or "i can't believe he's mine"...

evidence destroyed + equally, if not more, embarassing stories about the witnesses (mutually-assured humiliation) = attendance at family functions...

Mary in Wonder said...

what? Noooo!!!!
And what if you make the faces unrecognizable? Then you could post again, right? Or the faces/mimics/etc was the main point? arrgh I wanted to read this post too! T_T

BTW, just who the hell cares if they don't like seeing themselves on the net? It's a free place and it's not like they are made to advertise something or shown as doing something bad.

I don't know what the photo was about, but if they are ashamed of it, then blame themselves! So far no photos featured here had pictured bad things....IMHO....(not including humiliation by family members)
If this particular person thinks this one photo did, then she's ashamed!...Of what? Being Korean? Then I feel bad for her or him!

Hope to read many more of your stories! Keep going!

Chocolatier said...

Mary, i agree that if chiyo blurred the faces, she could use the photo. But I feel like I might be uncomfortable if someone was using a photo of me on the internet when I didn't even know that person. I don't know where she got the picture, but I'm guessing one of the people in the picture or the person who took the picture gave Chiyo the picture, and obviously they all know each other or they wouldn't be in the picture together, so whoever gave the picture should have asked everyone else in the picture if it was okay before agreeing to publicly display the picture.

BTW, I used the word "picture" eight times in the above sentence. Aren't you guys all proud of me? Aren't your eyes bleeding? :)

One more thing: Chiyo, was it a photo of someone's piano recital thingy? Because I remember seeing that someplace and it might have been which case I would hate to be one of the KMs in the picture ;)


hannahohh said...

i was the person in the picture. i was just uncomfortable that my facebook picture was taken by someone i dont know and put up on a random website. and to the mary kid. you don't know anything. i said i didn't mind that much but i just don't like the fact that ppl can take my pictures and do whatever they want with them. watch your language. thankyou.

Mary in Wonder said...

Don't want Chiyo to feel bad because of me, but I have to respond....Hanna,
1. I'm no kid
2. Pictures posted on the net are due to spread. Read the laws and policies. If one wants it to be private, set it that way. Or don't complain
3. And what if I don't pay attention to my choice of words? You will stare me to death? Even my own mother can't make me surrender. (rather the opposite) It works only on subservient-by-nature people....

Now I have a feeling I won't comment for a need for trolls, right?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Chiyo...can you tell us, what do Korean Moms think of Park Jaebum? :)

SWM (MWM in a Week) said...

Hey, I was Googling "Gift for Korean Mother-in-Law" and your site was at the top of the heap. I'm getting married next week and my fiance tells me I need to get her mother a gift before the wedding. But what does a Korean mom want as a gift from her future son-in-law? Will a bag of white socks and a box of red gingko get me off the hook? Or will she want me to buy her a wing at Tiffany's? Or will no gift do the trick so I might as well buy a scratch-off ticket from the 7-11 on the way to the airport.

Please help! I don't want to the first look I get to be that eye you speak of...

xc said...

^ ginseng tea. korean moms love ginseng tea..

Make a post about "Not Buying Clothes Hangers"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if my KM is the only one to do this. She buys stuff ON SALE, and then stores it, and gifts you with it later. It doesn't matter how hideous it is or whether it's something you actually need. I have so much junk from my KM that I'll never wear, never use, may never see the light of day.

Do not ever throw away a KM gift. "You at least give back to me, I give someone else! Waste money!"

But it's not waste money to buy things you don't need if ON SALE.

Anonymous said...

You should do a blog about the KM has so many candles, and so do her friends. Hey SWM or MWM or whatever go with a box of expensive ginseng. It showsher that you carefor her health

BRB, Korea! said...

Stuff My Korean (Host) Mom Likes:

>>shoes with height
--high heels, platform sneakers,

--esp, with expensive clothing/equipment

>>mismatched floral prints
--i.e. giant ajumma hammerpants with purple peonies matched with a hot pink rose shirt

>>sun visors
--because pale is pretty

>>surgical masks
--even when the illness involved is not airborne
--sometimes just for the fashion statement

>>saying "aigoo"
--'nuff said

>>aerobics with other KMs
--the crazier and more hilarious, the better
--best performed with outrageous outfits

>>asking where I've been all night/weekend
--see: interrogation

>>samples of food
--is there any other reason to go shopping every day?

>>cutting people in line
--everywhere. elevators, subways, the food-sample line at the grocery store, bathrooms, etc

>>volunteering other people to do things
--oh, your kid needs homework help? here, my son/daughter/not-even-blood-relation will help out

>>stanky fish
--buy them totally desiccated, put them in a pot of water, and watch them grow! it's like those sponge-animal-pills you'd get as a child, except you have to eat this one when you're done

>>toilet paper
--more than you'll ever need is still not enough

>>forearm protectors
--to wear with her short sleeves so that she doesn't get any vitamin D (or color) from the sun

Being an outsider looking in on and observing the Korean Mom in her natural habitat (the concrete-slab Korean apartment), I have noted these things to be universal amongst the KMs here. That's the short list, at least.

You should start a Korean Dad list. Here's a start:

Stuff Korean Dads Like:


(that's all I got, cause that's all I ever see my K(host)D doing.

you got an awesome website. keep it up!!

Princess said...

I wanted to email you but didn't know how. I just stumbled onto your blog and couldn't stop laughing. People at my work probably think I'm crazy. Please blog more!

Gisela Verdin said...

Hey there!! I'm a new follower of your blog but I LOOOOVED IT!!!!!! XD and no I'm not Korean... XD
btw.. I posted something on my blog and included your blog...hope is Ok. :$ (nop it's not spam hehe) (

Kaathleen said...

...and their KM's