Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bad Blogger...Bad!

Yes! I am indeed alive.

A few changes in my life:

a)I'm packing up and moving my ass from NY to CA...and it is consuming my life....plan to be back and blogging this weekend.

b)Thanks for all your support while I've been applying and crying over Grad schools...tis over now. I'll be starting my doctorate in the fall, like every good Korean Child should before they die. Now all I need to do is get married and pop out a kid or two and my work here is done.

c)My Korean Mom threatened to come and "clean" my apt in NY before I leave then go and "clean" my apt in CA when I move in. Although I admit, there is something magical about Korean Mom "cleanings". Everything is just so damn SPARKLY afterwards.

d)I am now 'Tweeting'

e)I missed you guys :)

Love for your KM,