Monday, June 30, 2008

See you Soon!

It's going to be a hectic month for me!
I'm traveling alot for work; and no I'm not going home to see my Korean Mom. (though I wish I were).
I'll be back and blogging in a week or two.

Thanks again to all my readers who love their Korean and non-Korean moms! I love sharing all my Korean Mom memories with you...and hearing yours too. Your interest and support are amazing. Link to me if you like what you see and spread the word.

Go hug your Mom.


ps - For those of you who've been asking 'who the hell are you?!'...I wish I could say...but I might have to quit my day job first!


Dave said...

This is awesome stuff.
Hmm, have you thought about Korean Mom fashion? Korean Mom hairstyles?

Anonymous said...

my km loves to buy eggs. When there are sales with the buy one get one free coupon of course
so she hoards as many coupons as she can then sends us out to buy as many as we can without getting recognized as the "egg girl that tries to come back in with a different hairstyle just to buy eggs on sale"
.... quite humiliating

kimberly said...

what about korean mama drama, how they all talk shit about other korean moms behind their backs. and yea how they have no fashion sense. backstabbing.

jeannie said...

I love this website. I never laugh so hard, my stomach and cheeks hurt. keep them coming
Love koreans Moms
Stank eye looking at you