Monday, March 17, 2008

#6 Making other people's problems their own

When I call my mom to tell her I got rejected from Grad School she responds "OH MY GOD" in her accent...which somehow makes it all the worse. Then proceeds to tell me not to cry because then she'll be sad, and she doesn't want to be sad right now...and oh my God she just wants to die. (See #3)


Anonymous said...

hmm my mom usually always encourages me whatever i do and gives me comforts if i am rejected and wants to help me so i dont know and i cant really agree with ur post but some moms can be different i guess.

Anonymous said...

my mom is like that.

Anonymous said...

my mom is in the middle. She criticizes a lot, even with 97's but she does it with a smile on the corner of her mouth (so long it's an A) and brings me up snacks or makes my fav foods for dinner. When I ask her why she says she just felt like making it ^_^

Sue said...

My mother believes that nothing good can happen to me, unless there is a huge string attached somewhere that I don't know about.

Me: Mom! I got my first play produced!
Mom: How much you have to pay?

Me: Mom! I got a raise!
Mom: How much you have to pay?

Me: Mom! I'm getting married!
Mom: How much you have to pay?

Heather *IsaBella and Harrison's Mommy* said...

Sue, you are toooooo punny! My mom believes that the only good things that happen to me are because of her... For example, someone at church gives me a gift... It's because they are trying to kiss her ass... When I got rejected from a gifted high school, gosh, I thought she was going to die of embarrassment since I was such a shoe-in... EVERYONE thought I was going to be the successful lawyer, with a degree from Harvard... Now, I'm JUST A MOM and that is sooooo embarrassing!

Love always,

P.S. She is secretly happy for my happiness as I've met the PERFECT GUY (seriously not joking) and have two wonderful children...

mark said...

OH MY GAHHH and repeat 10 times and pace around then say ok 10 times and then repeat from the begining

Patricia said...

This exact thing happened to me last year, and was also proceeded by a lot of wailing and yelling "Oh, shit"... over and over again.

Lets hope this year I get into grad school.

Anonymous said...

omg i just found this post and it is bringing back so many terrible memories! it's actually really sad how this makes me think of all of the UNsupportive things my mom has said and done (btw she's japanese not korean)! whenever something doesn't work out for me, she's like, "well after all that, it seems you just aren't good enough even in other people's eyes too" or "it looks like you've really gone nowhere. what are you going to do with yourself NOW???" AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! terrrrrrible memories. why do our moms do this? why do they want to make us so unhappy???

Babs said...

This made me laugh.

Before I took my GREs, my KM had donated money to the 700 Club on my behalf. When it turned out that I didn't do very well, she told me that I had done badly because I wasn't right with God.

I haven't told her yet that I didn't get into grad school. :-O Hmm.