Monday, March 17, 2008

#3 Announcing that they want to die

All of us have heard our moms tell us that they wish they were dead...this is then an invitation for those in earshot to protest and list reasons for living. If you want your mom to stop saying that she wants to die, just respond, "When? Today? How?"


Chrissy said...

my mom says this ALLL the time. *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am not even korean, yet I know when korea mil starts up with this. Everyone within hearing range wants to cut off their ears when she starts up with this crap! Why must korean mother's be such drama queens?!?!?

Anonymous said...

LMYAO on discovering/reading this blog! Related to this would be the hypothetical "do you want to see me die?" Once, during mouthy rebellious youth (yes, oxymoron) period, I made critical error of flippantly responding "sure, why not?". Don't think that I sat comfortably for a week. Life lesson learned early: no responses required for hypothetical questions.

Looking forward to visiting blog when time permits :)

Seoul Brother said...

I would pay good money to see Chuck Liddell go medieval on my mother. Any goddamned day of the week. For that matter, I know of at least one or two other people who would not only pay for the PPV event, she would set up evites!

Then again, I have a sneaking suspicion that for all her histrionics, and self-professed maladies, you're gonna have an easier time killing off Jason Voorhees than taking out my mom.

Anonymous said...

My mom did that but she also pulled the "Who would you choose" in the event of a divorce thing too.

Becky Seo said...


Heather *IsaBella and Harrison's Mommy* said...

"nuh jook go nah jook go..." Gosh, I've heard that sooooo many times! She wants me to go down with her because otherwise, I may be "dancing at her grave" and she won't have it! Hahah!

Love always,

Yelin said...

If I respond with a, "When? Today? How?" after she claims she's going to die, I'll have two holes lasered into my head with her death glare.

It'll be like treading on thin ice for me!

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Joolay said...

its bothering me

Anonymous said...

There was a period during my teen years when my mom would scream that because of me, she was going to die early.

This cause me so much stress and grief...

Anonymous said...

SO TRUE. my mom (japanese) not frequently said she wanted to die, but threatened to kill herself because i was too embarrassing of a daughter. i often disagreed with her and expressed my sadness to her openly about not understanding where all of her hatred and disapproval of everything i did was coming from. multiple times she has locked herself in the bathroom with bottles of pills and a few times with a knife with me screaming at the other side of the door and begging her not to kill herself. so traumatizing to me still.

Anonymous said...

LOL! This is awesome! I just discovered your blog today, and I am ROLLING on the ground laughing so much that I can barely breathe!
I'm a 36 year-old "Korean Mom" to a beautiful Korean/Hispanic/European 6 year-old girl, and my husband (who is Hispanic European... my family's initial reaction to his ethnicity is a whole different talk show) and I laugh at how the way I parent my daughter is looked down upon by a lot of Koreans because I usually do the opposite of the things that my parents did while raising me (and traumatizing to a certain degree). Your blog lightens the traumatic moments of my childhood and gives me something to laugh about as I look for a counselor to work out my repressed anger! LOL!!!