Monday, March 17, 2008

#2 Comparing

Korean moms love to compare. When they compare; whether it is food, races, genders, or the fruit of their own loins, they come alive with a fierce joy that is particular only to Korean moms. Although one would think that comparing would make Korean moms feel jealous or sad, comparing makes them feel better about themselves. It can almost be considered a sport of sorts where there are no losers; only winners....and whiners. Note: The right to 'compare' does NOT extend to you. This right belongs solely to Korean Moms. You should never compare your Korean Mom to other Korean Moms in her presence. You will be repremanded at once with, "Don't Compare!", followed by Stank Eye (See #5).


spicybeefjerky said...

ROFL! my mom pulls this all the time... "DON'T COMPARE!" LOL! classic

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes.

E said...

Probably the best example of Korean mom hypocrisy (is that an entry yet?).

Scene 1:
KM: Michael got a 1480 on his SAT. What about you?
Me: I got less than that. [look at floor in shame]

Scene 2:
Me: Steven gets to stay up until 11pm. Why not me?
KM: Don't compare yourself to other people. [stink eye]

Scene 3:
KM: John bought his mother flowers for her birthday.
Me: John also got his girlfriend pregnant.
KM: Yah! [stink eye + fake slap]

Heather *IsaBella and Harrison's Mommy* said...

My mom still drops little "Annie got into Harvard" and "my friend's Son-In-Law makes $Xmillion dollars per year" and "Michelle lost all the baby weight in 1 month..." yadda yadda yadda! Then, I give her the stink eye and she says, so innocently, "what? I'm just saying..." And then I tell her "not to COMPARE YOU FRIGGIN' WITCH!" Okay, I only think the last part...

Love always,

Joolay said...

e ur so fucking right

sandra said...

oh my god, so true. i always get compared to my mom's friends kids (who are all full korean and are all perfect in their own way). but if i say anything like "oh but i did this unlike angela" she'll go 'why are you comparing yourself to others, you should want to do better for yourself" *HEADDESK*