Monday, March 17, 2008

#19 Pointing out physical deformities

Korean moms will go out of their way to point out any sort of physical deformity. Even things that you never noticed about yourself; like your receding hairline, bushy eyebrows, yellowed teeth. If you have spent a few hours around a Korean mom, she will proceed to nitpick on your physical appearance. Moles or 'Juhm' that you once thought were 'beauty marks' will have to suffer an attempt to be picked off by a Korean mom with her fingernails. If she cannot accomplish this, she will refer you to a Korean doctor who will remove it and use no anesthesia to do so. It is important if you are getting ready to visit a Korean mom to cover up all sorts of pimples, pock marks, or blemishes on your face by any means nessecary. Otherwise, she will point them out loudly to you and all those in earshot, causing you to be wracked with guilt, anger, and yes, shame. I had a stressful semester once and went home for a visit. You could literally play connect the dots with all the zits forming constellations on my face. I swear you could see Orion's Belt forming on my chin. After being subjected to my mom and grandma pointing them out to every passerby (church ladies, the pharmacist, the chinese herbal medicine guy, the mailman, our dog) I vowed to never go home without a mask again.

(This post is dedicated to Little Bae)


mihee said...

here are some topics i would like for you to consider including in your analyses.

...yelling at no one in particular, maybe even inanimate objects whenver in a rage or after a fight.

...moodiness and flipping emotions on and off like a light switch.

...complaining how much their daughters avoid the kitchen.

...focusing on topics like food and hygiene even when their children are in their 30s.

*sigh* i love my mom.

Anonymous said...

my mom does not think i am the pretties girl in the world but she always told me i am a decent looking girl LOL but yes she would always try to pick my pimple when i was a teenager and wont leave my face alone LOL!!!!
and now she is picking and harrassing my brother's face LOL!!!!!!

she likes to talk a bout other ppl's apperance a lot and my mom really really hates "ugly" or "lowly looking " people. LOL!
she is really into looks

Anonymous said...

can someone please explain obsession with skin (and skincare) by Korean males and females alike? i've tried to research the issue and still don't have an answer.

Sue said...

Korean moms also have a habit of licking their thumbs, then going up to a non-Korean like your boyfriend or your best friend, and wiping their WET THUMBS across some perceived stain or deformity on said friend's face.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm reading through this blog backwards, I'd like to point out that if you come home with zits on your face, DO NOT agree to get in the car for a trip to "McDonald's."

(I love this blog. Love it. ... A younger mom myself ... now I know what to avoid doing.)

Anonymous said...

OMG, LOL! My mom says I'm elegant and cute, but not gorgeous. She sometimes will stop me in the middle of a sentence to make a comment about my phyical appearance like, "did you know that you stick your mouth out like this?" Then will proceed to imitate what I "look lke." This demonstration in particular looked like a frankenstein turtle reaching its jaw and neack forward.

Anonymous said...

I've made my mother cry just by coming home during summer break with a wrinkle on my forehead.

Heather *IsaBella and Harrison's Mommy* said...

Yes, whenever I'm talking to my mother, her eyes start going all over my face, then down to my body and I'm like, "Mom, look at my eyes!" and then she points out that I have a zit, a double chin and my tummy is past my tits... Duh, I already know this! Now she wants me to go get plastic surgery...

Love always,

sandra said...

my mom when i was in 9th grade: "when you get older i'll buy you plastic surgery for breast implants". all these years later- no thanks, mother.

Anonymous said...

I have scars on my arm that I could care less about, but my mom think my arm looks horribly disfigured and I to get corrective surgery... uhhh no mom. I refuse to make $100,000 so that my arm looks more pleasing to you.