Monday, March 17, 2008

#14 Being the best kind of Asian

No matter how much they may deny it, all Korean moms are racist. One Korean mom might be a little less obvious about it than another, but when it comes right down to it, they all believe that other races are inferior to Koreans in intelligence and cleanliness. They also like to use derogatory names for the other races: "jok-bahl" for japanese, "ddae-nohm" for chinese, and even "bbal-gang-ee" for North Koreans, who are in fact, yes, Korean easily overlooked fact. In fact, they are so racist that they even discriminate against Koreans from other provinces within South Korea. My mom will say, "Oh Mrs Lim is a liar because she's from Pusan. All Pusan people are liars. Big liar". They will also often say, "Korea is not shaped like a rabbit, it's a tiger". When I try to look for the tiger, it's like the magic eye trick painting...I just can't see it.


sara said...

Puhaha...the Pusan discrmination is notorious.

Anonymous said...

well not true.
jok bal /dda nom/ bbal gang ee are very very deregatory terms and my mom has never used those terms . but i have used those terms LOL i am very racist.

my mom is racist and she does not like chinese nor japanese or blacks/hispanics but she does not call them names... at all.

But i do LOL!!! and she hates me doing that LOL

Anonymous said...

pusan ppl are usually good people in my opinion. my parents told me that jeon-la-do people are dishonest and liars and stupid people LOL

they are very prejudiced i know LOL !!!

and yes korea is shaped as a tiger..its in the history. and its true

spicybeefjerky said...

the only one i've ever heard my mom use was "ggam doongi"... "ddae-nohm" is a good one tho, must remember that for future reference.

Anonymous said...

Yup, my korean mil is probably the most racist person I have ever encountered. In her opinion, koreans are the most superior ppl in the world.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't bbal-gang-ee just mean communist?

Sue said...

They will also often say, "Korea is not shaped like a rabbit, it's a tiger". When I try to look for the tiger, it's like the magic eye trick painting...I just can't see it.


Anonymous said...

haha seriously what is up with the tension between gyeong sang do and jeon la do?

they dislike each other so much

Anonymous said...

Korea DOES look like a rabbit.
I never noticed that before hahaha

Yeah, I'm pretty sure all Asians are racist to some extent. Although, I've never heard my [Chinese] parents use any actual derogatory names... probably because Chinese people are generally not creative enough to come up with them ahaha

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I had to experience #15 combined with #14 when I married a Vietnamese girl.

And people from Pusan really are liars, that's not a stereotype.

Anonymous said...

what does jok bahl or dae nohm mean?

Dori Dori! said...

wtf ? pusan people are liars ? it's common conception that pusan people are the most honest and hospitable.

the liars are apparently from Jeolla provinces.

my parents are HUGELY RACIST AGAINST PEOPLE FROM JEOLLA region (we are kyongsang). they will not do business if they are from Jeolla region.

the racist mentality is very true in Koreans.

Dori Dori! said...

this WEST and EAST hatred in Korea spans back to Silla and Baekjae Kingdom era.

Silla( now kyongsang) wiped out Baekjae (now Jeolla).

Only 1 Korean president was from Jeolla, and he is one of the most hated presidents.

Most Korean political elite are from Kyong sang. Presidents are always usually from Kyong sang. Therefore, Kyong sang region saw extra economic benefits (evident when you compare cities in Kyongsang like Pusan, ulsan, to cities in Jeolla, which looks rural and ghetto).

don't hate the player

枯淡 said...

It always looks like a moose to me. XD

Anonymous said...

I decided to leave Seoul for good the day my director (female) came to me and demanded I fire a junior office manager because she was "too plain." This final straw occurred after years and years of outright racist, sexist and cruel treatment both on the job and in my off hours. How many times did I hear, All Pusan people are liars!" ???? Oh man. So glad to be in Cali.